New products, volunteers and staff!

Hey everybody, we are the brand new volunteers at SSPB! Our names are Jasmin and Mareike and we are from good old German. Besides helping with surf and swimming lessons we thought about a way to make the surf shop a little bit more “girlie”. Since Yanti started working in the surf shop and brings some girl power to the male team we were all pretty productive: the idea was to create earrings from the metal lits from bottles. So together we went to the restaurants and bars at the beach to collect the left over lits to recycle them in a pretty way. After washing them, hammering them flat and making a hole for the hanger in them, we painted the backsides in different colors.  A first impression you can get from the picture (earrings, new team member Yanti and us)

The week after silent day…

This week we welcome our new Dutch volunteer Wiam who will lend us a hand in the program till the end of July. Wiam: ‘ Good to be here, im exited to get started!’

Unlike usual the activities started on Thursday since on Wednesday the Kids from Sunya Giri were still in their home town for the local ceremony… so we left the great waves of that day to the tourists and locals to enjoy knowing that other days will give us other waves to share with the orphans.

Thursday morning we started the day with another English lesson for the next generation Balinese in ABC Shanti School, the slum school from YKPA.

Our new help Wiam took care of the lessons and even though he was nervous to carry out his very first mission, he quickly gain spirit and joy since the kids (knowing he did not speak Indonesian) learned him Indonesian while he taught them English.

Accompanied by our friends and sponsors from “Holland Herstel Groep’ we welcomed back the Sunya Giri orphans on Saturday for their fourth surfing lesson where they learned how to make turns for the first time. The circumstances where perfect and they picked up really fast just like the second group did on Sunday.


We like to begin this weekly blog with very good new! Our sales person, Made Karnawa, just turned father for the second time and he got a little boy. Congratulations!

This week Pika did an outstanding job in her swimming class. She managed to swim the entire length of the swimming pool all on her own. I think she surprised her self that day. But it didn’t stop there, because I also asked her if she also wanted to swim back the entire length. The first time she didn’t want to do this so she swam back with help of floating material, but the second time she gained more confidence in her own abilities and she did it!

The English lessons were unfortunately cancelled this week because our new English teacher Monique was sick. We hope that she gets better soon.

The surfing lessons of the street children were also cancelled this week, because the children had ceremonies in their home villages. There are a lot of ceremonies this week because Nyepi (Silent day), an important day for the Balinese community, is on Monday 31th of March.

This is also why the surfing lessons of Sunya Giri is cancelled, because on Sunday is pengerupukan. The day where the Balinese community tries to scare the demons away form the Island, through making monsters and lots of noice. Then the next day, Nyepi, Everyone is silent and is not allowed leave their homes. This is because if it seems as if no one lives on the Island the new demons will not come here and go to another place.

A week Dominated by THE Surf Competition.

This week we would like to start with news about Pika. We tell you every week a story about her improvement, now we can tell you she made a big step, again! If you have seen our Facebook Page you would have seen the video we uploaded; Pika swimming all by herself without any help of floating material or one of us holding her so she would stay with her head above the water. Wednesday, as the video gives you the proof, she did it! In seventeen strokes she made it to the other side of the swimming pool and with a bigger smile on her face, as we saw her having before, she could not believe it herself when we told her no one was helping her under the water. She did not stop laughing for the whole day and we were so happy we could tell all the staff from YKPA orphanage what she did! Pika, we are so proud of you! Again!

Thursday, we had a lot of fun again with the streetkids during the English Lesson. We had bought a lot of paper, for everyone a big white one and some of them in different colours. At the orphanage we got many pencils in all kind of colours, pairs of scissors and glue. The assignment was as followed; move your tables and chairs on the side of the classroom and paint, draw, paste, colour, make what ever you would like to make on your own white huge paper. As long you know what it is and you know how to write in it English. They began quietly, but after a few minutes the whole ground was covered by all the equipment. Coloured paper, pencils, glue and the pairs of scissors. English names appeared on the side next to the figures that the kids drew. They had fun, loved the craftwork and learned at the same time.  And the most important thing, they got some confidence in themselves. Their imagination found its freedom and they could draw beautiful landscapes.

After telling you these moments of happiness, but this weeks highlight was the surf competition. After a lot of work and patience, the day had come. Sunday morning, the sun was shining, a blue sky appeared and the perfect waves were waiting. The kids from the talent group and the basic program of Soul surf project Bali arrived at Rip Curl School of Surf and after a short introduction and explanation it was time. With the surfboards to the beach, they were ready to start.

We can’t tell you, using enough detailed words, what a great surfers they are. With a lot of joy we spent the morning surfing and the judges were giving the points. In the new album on our Facebook page called ‘Surf Competition – 2nd March 2014,’ you will find the pictures of the day! All we want to end this blog with is, of course, the winners. The best of the whole competition is… Arjun! The boy who conquered the best waves and got the highest points! Then we have the best 3 participants on our list. The best of the boys; 1; Arjun and Deni. 2; Merta. The best of the girls: 1; Ria. 2; Veronika. 3; Jerjanti All of you, congratulations! You all did an amazing job and we are proud of you!

The end and the beginning.

Today we end this week with the Sunday. It was a day full of work, but without any surfing lessons. The kids from Widhya Asih Orphanage are busy preparing for their exams that will start soon. We want to wish them lots of luck but we are sure they can make it!

Yesterday was a special day, the Saturday with our second part of the excursion to Role Foundation. Another group of kids joined us to see and learn everything about the environment. With a lot of laughing and interesting faces we came back in the evening with a passport of the park in our pocket. We have again learned a lot and took many pictures. Do you want to see Prema drinking a medicine drink? See our Facebook Page!

We had an eventful day at swimming lessons this week and I am so eager to share them with you all. Pika swum again all by herself! Her disability does not stop her from doing anything. When we arrived at YKPA Orphanage, Pika was already waiting for us. But before we could go she had a present to give. A bracelet she made. Two weeks ago, we gave her a book because she did 50 laps. The book called ‘100 Things To Be Creative’ and one of those hundred things was making a bracelet. And she did! It wasn’t just a bracelet. It had all different kind of colours, figures and it was beautiful. Thank you Pika! She decided that she would teach us how to do it. So, we will have teacher Pika from next week on to give us a course making bracelets. We have to say, we can’t wait! ;)

The Fridays surf lessons with the Denpasar Streetkids were a few crazy but fun hours. The kids came in and were running around to get everything they needed. We knew this would happen so we had prepared everything. All the lycras size by size, shorts done. We could start the lesson. They all changed and took a helmed from the rack. Most of them took one that was to big for their little heads because the bigger ones have to colour blue and of course, that is their favourite. Unfortunately, we had to change them to the smaller grey ones for safety. But when they had the surfboard in their hands they forgot the grey helmets and ran like every week as quick as possible to the sea.

Speaking about surfing, we would like to tell you that our surf talent is all healthy and back on his surfboard. After the accident, Prema needed some rest but this week he could go back into the sea and he conquered the waves while Josine, his personal surfing help, was taking pictures. See Facebook!

Like every ending of a week, we look forward to start the beginning of a new one. With busy days in front of us to prepare the surf competition for next week Sunday, we can’t wait to tell you how it went. I hope you will have the same and we see you then.

Many thanks and have a good week-end and a better beginning of a new week!

The week with the Field Trip

Wednesday we had an amazing swimming day. With four kids waiting for us at Widhya Asih Orphanage, we went to the Bali Kids for a lesson. Enthusiastic as they were, with a smile on their faces and a lot of energy they jumped into the water followed by Josine as a teacher and Alex who is our driver as well.

The time was flying by, the kids were practicing streamlined floating and kicking. We were ending the swimming class with a fun game and a bom in the water.

As you might know our planning, you would know that Pika, our swimming talent with one leg, is part of the Wednesday program as well. We brought the kids back to Widhya Asih and drove to YKPA to pick up Pika. We are so glad to tell you that she was swimming without any floating supporting material! She did it all by herself! We are even more proud of her then we already were. She is improving herself every week. She got the willpower! You want proof? See our Facebook page for pictures! What a girl!

The rest of the week was all about the surfing lessons and an English lesson with the theme ‘clothes’.  The streetkids came to us to have another hour of English class. They had fun and did not even wanted to stop after the group photo, which means normally the end of the lesson. They ran back to their table to finish their painting with stickers of clothes. When their lunch came we stopped, got some beautiful paintings as a present and we are already looking forward to the next Thursday’s English class.

Unfortunately, surfing has proved that it can be a dangerous sport, just as any other sport, so accidents may occur. This week, Prema had bad luck. While he conquered the big waves, his own board hit him when he fell in the water.

An accident can happen to every one but we are happy to say that he is oké now and started working again! He is our strong surf talent!

Of course, we want to end this week’s blog with some positive news! And so Saturday was a great day! The experience we had this week was the Field Trip to ROLE Foundation.

ROLE Foundation: “A non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the education, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in underprivileged circumstances whilst ensuring environmental resilience and sustainability.”

A group of kids from Widhya Asih, who have almost ended their program with Soul surf project Bali, had the chance to come with us and learn everything about what ROLE Foundation is doing.

It was an educational morning with interesting faces of the kids who were listening to the guide. Thank you ROLE Foundation for the tour! Check our Facebook page for pictures of the excursion!

Thank you for reading, your interest in Soul surf project Bali and we see you soon!